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02 November 2012 @ 01:49 am
game of thrones: daenerys/doreah - kisses for the beast (score)  
medium: tv (/books, vaguely)
fandom: game of thrones/asoiaf
subject: daenerys targaryen/doreah
title: kisses for the beast
warnings: it's a ficmix, technically. for an as-of-yet unpublished/unfinished fic.
genre: instrumental/orchestral, liquid chillstep/dnb
notes: in my world, this ship just will not die. and because of that, i'm writing a rather lengthy fic to deal with my issues concerning these two idiots. this mix is the result of my writing process. granted the actual playlist in my itunes is currently sitting at over 170 songs (and counting) so i whittled this down to a mere 40. (i honestly tried to go smaller but i just couldn't.) it's a summary of my story told through music. essentially there are no spoilers here (none for the series, none for my fic) although some of the titles are rather fitting. well, at least no huge spoilers (tho under the cut there is one or two). the fic itself revolves around 3 POVs and follows TV!canon mostly, but takes place post-ADWD. (as such there's some rather large assumptions about the direction the show will take the story and how closely it'll stay to the books.) honestly tho, this mix can be enjoyed with no concept of its basis. it's all instrumental (ok mostly. there may be a liquid dnb track or 2 in here) and can be appropriated to whatever you would like. so just enjoy the music, if nothing else. i just really wanted to share this music cos i really like it. that's all.

and there are a lot of songs with beautiful choirs and forlorn females wailing in non-english above a crescendo of epic orchestration (a la lisa gerrard). if you're into that sort of thing. i am.

for a little bit of context --SPOILERS FOR ADWD-- the story follows dany's journey through the dothraki sea as a captive in khal jhaqo's khalasar, and features the reappearance of my favourite handmaid (i will not accept that vault, HBO. i refuse), and as such is doreah's own journey as well, dealing with the aftermath of qarth and all that. mixed in is a dothraki slave who befriends both doreah and dany. essentially it's about facing the past, betrayal and the potential for forgiveness, and the ultimate cost of that. it's not fluff. this doesn't really explain the premise all that well, but oh well.


1-20 //
strassenkater : orchestral with vocals 112
the cello companion : a world of dreams
placyde : road to understanding (consor remix)
stellamara : prituri se planiata
optimum vulnerability : lost dreams
armand amar & levon minassian : amen hayr sourp
hilario abad : dothrakis
dario marianelli : the skies do not fall
joseph loduca : no life without you
whiteboi : trouble with me
ariunaa : talijn mongol ajl
larry groupe : torment of the soul
the unfinished : my hope is your suffering
emily underhill : fly
dave metzger : the dream
marcello de francisci & lisa gerrard : the secret language of angels
tom twyker, johnny klimek & reinhold heil : cloud atlas finale
oliver sadie : wrong fate, accepted.
apollo sunshine : we are born when we die
nikos kypourgos : my deepest story


21-40 //
lisbeth scott : in the darkness
ron herrema : accompaniment for a cinematographic scene
bethurum : running
rameses b : lone wanderer
craig armstrong : escape (full version)
hans zimmer : now we are free ft. lisa gerrard
olafur arnalds : Þau hafa sloppið undan Þunga myrkursins
baka beyond : meeting of tribes
mark mancina : sitka's funeral
tom twyker, johnny klimek & reinhold heil : all boundaries are conventions
azam ali : dandini
dan schatzberg : icarus rises
trevor morris : a howling wilderness/the death of jane seymour
phil rey : warrior soul
nox arcana : dragon riders
the cello companion : threnody
oliver sadie : finale ft. zefora
william erasmus : another hero fallen
alan menken : the prophecy
m83 : echoes of mine

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