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who is the lamb & who is the knife?

move while you're watching me, dance with the enemy, here is my remedy

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Eskimo Jo
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anger, jealousy, bitterness, tiredness, hope, lust, love.

"El-ahrairah, your people cannot rule the world, for I will not have it so. All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and whenever they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you, digger, listener, runner, prince with the swift warning. Be cunning and full of tricks and your people shall never be destroyed."

This is a musicblog & community for the various fanworks of »eskimo jo. Mixtapes, fanfiction, & icons, primarily.


"I've come to ask if you would like to join my Owsla. We shall be glad to have you, and I know you'd like it. You've been feeling tired, haven't you? If you're ready, we might go along now. You needn't worry about them. They'll be alright, and thousands like them. If you'll come along, I'll show you what I mean."

  • Membership is Open. It is easy to join.

  • Most, if not all, music posts will be members-only. Most fanmix posts will be locked after 1 week.

  • Comments are . If you would like to credit icons, etc, please use rabbithearts. Lovely. :)

  • Any downloads are for temporary sampling purposes only. Please follow the guidelines and laws of your country. I'm not responsible for what you choose to do.

  • If you're curious about my past work, it is here at my old icon journal »_godhopping and my old music journal »ejs_mixtape.

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"blinds can go fuck-themselves", "loser", "wankah", 2nd gen skins, a bit gay, acid-fueled sex raves, african peppers, ass-2-ass, auntie elizabeth's tea plants, backwards births, banning enya from funerals, being apivourous, believing in crystal skulls, bollocky wank shite, bonkers!!, bouncy castles, boxes of fannies, britne oldford, bunny-eared mopeds, buying gateaus, buying mugs of tea, camille cresencia-mills, cartoons, cat-flap confessionals, cave raves, chase/cameron, choirgirls, clean pharmaceuticals, cock gags, cock-crunching muff-munchers, colourful costumes, corner gas, crossgen, cunting oxfam, dad's gilette mach3, daenerys targaryen, dancing like a gazelle...on-acid!, dangerous electricity-pylons and crocodiles, daniel flaherty, dany/doreah, disastrous parties, do drugs- not doughnuts, doing lots with thighs, don't get fit--get fitch, doormen with superpowers, doreah, effy stonem, eleanor zich, emily fitch, fanart, fanfic, fanfiction, fanmixes, fanvids, fellatio & rabbits, films, flat-chested cocksucking spastic horsefuckers, fuck it, game of thrones, gay windows, giving friendship head, gobbler's end, going to pickup salad, goldfish on viagara, graphics, grey's anatomy, hating injustice, holiday pay & race-hate?, house, i moan, i need juicing, icons, interdimensional secret porno dens, it's conceptual, it's not like canoeing, jack o'connell, james cook, jesse spencer, kathryn prescott, katie fitch, katie fucking fitch, kaya scodelario, kinky gangsters, let's go fuckin' mental!, lily loveless, lisa backwell, loving you to bits, luke pasqualino, magic cab drivers, marvelling at sheds, mdma brownies, megan prescott, menopausal headmistresses, michelle/naomi, microwaved shit, mixtapes, moped mayhem, more drinks more drinks, mtv skins, muff monkeys, music, naomi campbell, naomi/emily, naomi/michelle, noice one!, peep show, pissing on bonfires, poptart vs cd player, porcupines, rachel thevenard, racing grannies, raving to solve problems, relaxing bit of crack, remixes, ron mustafaa, sansa stark, sex or clarinet lessons, shag carpet!!!, sharks, shrooms with sparklers, singing about terrorism, skins, skins us, snorting twister, sofia black-d'elia, spliff sheds, spontaneously hallucinating bon-jovi music, stalking bitchy blondes, stun, stupid punts, sugarcube pyramids, surf and turf, that's incest and illegal, the 'i'll fuck-4-drugs' look, the daily sexpress, the hills, the oc, the orgy of destruction, tits and fanny, trying to talk dangerous, tv, twister pals, uncle keith's special blend, veronica mars, wankers, wanking & crying, wanky pretentious shag pads, watership down, ygritte

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